JNC22 - Journées Nationales sur les Composites


Frederic Dau


Enseignant chercheur


Main research topics : • Development and implementation of a C1 Shell Finite Element based on a refined model for linear and non linear composite structures • Composites structures vulnerability against impact • Variability and reliability approaches in composites • Multi-scale approach by coupling Finite Element Method (FEM) and Discrete Element Method (DEM) • Study of the damage propagation at micro-scale using a 3D Discrete Element Method • Impact on dry tows torwards fabrics • Multi-scale approach for composite material identification using a reverse approach Main teaching topics : • Continuum mechanics • Structural vibrations • Structural analysis by FEM • Composite materials Main educational responsabilities : • National leader for mechanical department at ENSAM • Responsible for the national mechanical test at ENSAM • Member of the institute advisory and innovations in technology training at ENSAM, France Academic appointments : • Associate professor at Laval University, Québec, Canada . Scientific commitees, research responsabilities and professional services • Head of national, european and international research projects for the laboratory I2M • Head of research team (20 people) on Dynamic Impact Fracture at I2M laboratory. • Member of the National Council of Universities in France (CNU). • Member of the director board of the French Composite Materials Association (AMAC). Responsible in charge of organizing technical and scientific days on composite (from 2 to 4 per year) at AMAC. • Member of selection commitees recruiting research professor in french universities and engineering school • Member of organizing and scientific commitees of national and international conferences. • Member of central council at ENSAM Bordeaux, France. • Member of the steering committee of the national competence network on composites in ENSAM. • Special advisor appointed by Arts & Metiers Research & Innovation Direction Board to develop a structuring project on composite materials in Nouvelle Aquitaine. • Chairman of 21ème Journées Nationales Composites (JNC21), 1-3 Juillet 2019 in Bordeaux, with 250-300 attendies from the composite scientist community (researchers and industrial partners)

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